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Experience the rich tapestry of Cambodian culture and arts at CAMBODIA DAY, a festival for the Khmer community to share the heritage and history of Cambodia with local and global audiences. Set against the backdrop of San Francisco's picturesque Union Square, this event, in collaboration with the Union Square Alliance, will be captured as part of a documentary titled “CAMBODIA DAY.”


Delve into the majestic history of the Khmer Empire, with a focus on traditional folklore such as the beloved tale of Hanuman (the monkey general) and Sovann Maccha (the mermaid). The festivities kick off with vibrant displays of Khmer cultural elements: traditional musical instruments, classical dance performances, and the awe-inspiring Bokator demonstration by Cambodian legend master Kenya Prach, and Dy Sao. 


Highlighting the event are musical performances by renowned Cambodian and Cambodian-American artists like San Pisith, Khmer Karen, Black Spider Band, Chan Makara, Bert Samrach, Ban Monyleak, Satiya, Meas Soksophear, Dengue Fever, Khemarak Sereymun and a special guest (to be announced). Through entertainment and cultural immersion, CAMBODIA DAY aims to bridge communities and foster a deeper understanding of Cambodia's rich history and heritage.

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  • When and where is Cambodia Day taking place?
    Cambodia Day is scheduled for September 28, 2024, at the historic Union Square in San Francisco.
  • Is Cambodia Day a free event?
    The event is free. Stay tuned for information on ticketing and reservations.
  • What time does the event start and end?
    The gates open at 9:15 AM, and the event starts at 10:00 AM, concluding at 8:30 PM.
  • Is Cambodia Day all ages?
    Cambodia Day is for all ages. Bring everyone and celebrate with us!
  • Will there be live streaming or virtual access for those unable to attend in person?
    We May offer live streaming virtually on X platform for those unable to attend physically. This information will be available soon.
  • I'm out of town, where should I stay?
    There are a range of hotels near Union Square or surrounding areas where you can book your stay while you are here. Check back for more information on hotel room blocks for a discounted rate.
  • Will there be food at the event?
    Cambodia Day "Taste of Cambodia" will partner with some of the best Cambodian restaurants and food vendors to offer a variety of cambodian cuisine. A full list of food vendors will be published before the festival.
  • Can I bring my own food and drinks to the event?
    It's advisable to check the event's guidelines as some may permit small quantities of food and non-alcoholic drinks for personal consumption.
  • What forms of payment are accepted at the event?
    Most vendors accept cash, but some may also provide card payment facilities. There might be ATMs available on-site, but it's best to come prepared with cash for any purchases.
  • What's the best time to arrive?
    You should plan to arrive early to be on the safe side. Please be prepared for significant delays due to traffic coming into the city.
  • Is there parking available near the event venue?
    Provide information on nearby parking facilities or transport options.
  • What activities and performances can visitors expect at Cambodia Day.
    Cambodia Day will feature a vibrant showcase of Khmer heritage, including traditional dance performances, musical showcases, cultural displays, and more. Stay tuned for the full lineup!
  • Are pets allowed at Cambodia Day?
    Confirm the pet policy or provide guidelines.
  • Is the event accessible to individuals with disabilities?
    We strive to be inclusive and offer accessible features. Information regarding accessibility, such as parking for those with disabilities, wheelchair access, and special assistance will be available before the event.
  • Will there be merchandise or souvenirs for sale at the event?
    Cambodia Day will offer an array of merchandise and souvenirs for purchase, including art, crafts, clothing, and more.
  • What should I do in case of an emergency during the event?
    Look for designated event staff or security for assistance in case of an emergency. It's good to familiarize yourself with the event layout and locate emergency exits and medical assistance areas upon arrival.
  • Are there restroom facilities available on-site?
    Yes, there are restrooms located near the area as well as portable restrooms and hand-washing stations.
  • How can I participate as a vendor or volunteer at Cambodia Day?
    Vendor and Volunteer applications will be available soon.
  • I'm a member of the media. How do I make arrangements for a media pass?
    Please email us on our contact page for media pass arrangements.
  • Are there restrictions on photography or videography at the event?
    Some areas could be designated as no-photography zones, so it's good to be aware of these guidelines.
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